License Agreement & User Terms
  • Balanceconnected is online store of high quality 3d models.
  • When a customer buys or downloads one or more of our products in our online store or in any other way, recognizes the validity of this license (“License”).
  • Using the site (“Site”) or any balanceconnected products you are automatically agreeing to follow and be bound by this License.
  • “Content” means all balanceconnected products including free and promotional products and all the files that accompany products, such as textures or images. balanceconnected may revise and update this License at anytime and without notice.
  • The 3d content from Balanceconnected belongs to Balanceconnected, , none of these rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user.
  • The original manufactured products under a brand name and it’s design are the property of their’s respective owners.
  • Balanceconnected does not own or license any other-party intellectual property.
  • You are solely responsible for determining the need for and, if appropriate, obtaining any needed other-party clearance, consent, or release to use any other-party intellectual property in your projects.
Conditions of use
  • Any Balanceconnected Content is the property of Balanceconnected and can be used in your private or commercial projects as you need. The usage limitations are the following:
  • Content can not be distributed, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redistributed in our original format or in any other format from which any original product, or any part of it can be separately exported.
  • Content can be modified in any way in order to conform to your needs, however any such modifications are still derivatives of the original and can not be sold or distributed as your own.
  • Content can be used only if one of the following applicable:
  • It was bought by you via Balanceconnected or partner website.
  • It is free and was downloaded from Balanceconnected or partner website.
  • It was granted to you by Balanceconnected for promotional or other purposes.
Pay&Delivery Policy
  •  Payment is via PayPal. You may have to pay a handling fee.The final prices and fees are inclusive of transactional taxes relevant (like VAT).
  • All products are delivery via electronic downloads. By clicking to download button you’ll be able to download your product wanted.
  • Some products require a paid subscription download, otherwise you can only download free products.
Refund policy
  • Since Balanceconnected is offering non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and our tracking software showed that you have downloaded all the files. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our Site. We only make exceptions with this rule on the following reasons:
  • download issues: it may happen so that you have troubles with downloading of the product. Before applying for refund in this case, please contact us so we may investigate the problem or upload purchased files to an alternative server;
  • irreparable defects, missing textures, files, etc.: although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur. In this case we may send you a download link with the missing or fixed files ;
  • any other reason: if you don’t download purchased files, you can request for a refund with any other reason;
  • All refund requests are assessed on an individual basis and at the sole discretion of Balanceconected.
  • Requests for a refund are accepted at [email protected] within the period of 10 days after the order is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund.
Product preview images
  • We use 3dsmax to render product previews and do everything we can to show the product as accurately as possible.
  • However, scene lighting and rendering settings can greatly affect the appearance of the model and material.
  • Balanceconnected is not responsible for any settings you use, and there is no guarantee that the rendered image of any of your products will be the same as the product preview image on the website. However, we will present based on the effects of the products in The real physical world.