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Plant Package 04 – Japanese Plants


Plant Package.04 Japanese Plants is a high-quality 3d models collection.

There are a total of 60 models in this collection. There are 10 types in total, each type has 6 forms. Made according to age and height.

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Support software:

3Dsmax: Yes
Cinema4D: Request
ForestPackPro: Yes
SketchUp: Request
Twinmotion: Request
Blender: Request

3D File Description

  • Formats : Max , FBX,
  • Renderer : Corona , V-Ray
  • Textures : YES
  • Detail Level : Photorealistic
  • UVW Mapped : YES
  • Files Units : Real-world scale (cm)
  • Cover Scene: Not included

Plant Species

01. Acer palmatum sango kaku – Coralbark Japanese Maple
02. Butterfly japanese maple – Acer palmatum
03. Cannabis – Marijuana
04. Hakonechloa macra – Japanese Forest Grass
05. Japanese aralia – Fatsia japonica
06. Kiyohime japanese maple – Acer palmatum
07. Styrax japonicus – Japanese Snowbell
08. Nandina domestica – Sacred Bamboo
09. Stewartia pseudocamellia – Japanese stewartia
10. Wisteria floribunda – Japanese Wisteria


  • No lights, cameras and render/scene setup are included unless otherwise stated in the particular model’s description.
  • Our library of 3d model plants including trees, grasses, palms, flowers, bamboo, conifers, groundcovers, hedges, houseplants, shrubs, vegetables, succulents, desert plants and vines and creepers are available for download, as well as our from Plant 3d models for all regions.
  • We highly recommend that you download few of our FREE 3D MODELS and test if they work well with your 3d software before making a purchase.